Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export private label wine?

Yes, KDM can help export wines overseas from most of its winemaking facilities, including in the United States.

Difference between private label wine suppliers and KDM?

Many companies offering private label wine production services are wineries with large brands of their own. They will often use an unanticipated inventory of bulk juice to rid themselves of this glut of inventory and bottle up the extra on behalf of a new private label wine client. The problem with this model is clear:  the winery is beholden first and foremost to its own heavily-promoted wine brand and will do nothing to compromise the ongoing success of that venture. Consequently, there cannot ever be a reliable source of consistently-prepared wine, or quality, for the private label “spot” client. KDM Global Partners, alternatively, is 100% devoted to the ongoing success of its clients’ brands – from the standpoint of availability, consistency and quality.

Can I get private label Napa Valley Wines? What other regions are available?

KDM Global Partners produces wine in most of the world’s major viticulture regions, including domestically in Napa and Sonoma. KDM wines are from, among other places, Chile, Argentina, Spain and Italy. Multiple varietals available, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Moscato, Shiraz, Malbec, Viura, etc, including sparkling wines, and blends, too.  Various price points and bottle sizes.

Can you do custom wine labels for celebrities or personalities such as chefs, mascots, etc?

Yes, absolutely. Not only has KDM Global Partners created proprietary label wine brands for retail chains (Macy’s, Marshall Fields, 7-Eleven, and others), restaurants and hotel/resorts,  it has also created, produced and marketed wine brands for chefs, rock bands, sports franchises, professional athletes, entertainment venues, charitable organizations and charitable events and many other types of brands – mascots included!  KDM’s Direct-to-Consumer model is a compelling vehicle for many types of clients to help gain greater exposure, sell branded merchandise (without a wine license) and, generally, enhance branding and revenue.  Read more here and here!

I want to sell my own custom label, can private label wine be profitable?

Yes, selling your own private label wine can potentially be profitable!  KDM’s Direct-to-Consumer business model is a unique way to produce and then merchandise your own proprietary label wine online – without the costs associated with being licensed in multiple states and without the need to sell through wholesale and retail licensees. KDM clients can market their wines on their own existing Web catalogues, too. Not only can this model yield positive revenue results but it can also provide significant branding exposure to your business. More information is available here  or by contacting us directly (and confidentially) at

My band would like some merchandising ideas, can we do private label wine?

It can. Assuming your band already has its own Web site where your fans can buy tee shirts, posters and the like, we can help you market your own branded wine to your fans…and ship to them, too! This is a similar program than what KDM already does for other Web merchandisers such as restaurants, entertainers, athletes, pro sports teams and celebrity chefs. We’ll put your CD cover on the front of the wine bottle…everyone will love them! Read More Here

Can a non-profit or charitable organization raise funds using private label wines?

Yes, a charitable organization has multiple opportunities to utilize its own wine in creative ways to raise money and enhance its own brand. For events (dinners, shows, lectures, etc) you could not only pour your own wine there (showing everyone your logo and showcasing the message) but it could be given away, too, to guests. Wine bottles are sensational ways to have your organization’s brand/message travel and continue well past the event itself. Read This.

And for your charity’s Web site, having KDM facilitate a Direct-to-Consumer sales campaign is a wonderful way for your wines to earn revenue throughout the year. Read More Here

What can a retail chain do to enhance customer satisfaction but still be competitive in the wine market?

KDM Global Partners’ private label programs for retailers is a critically helpful tool in offering your customer base the wines it seeks at prices they feel comfortable with – but also ensuring a higher-than-normal margin to the house. Wine is definitely increasing in popularity nationwide and people are more willing to try a new brand. Let that new brand be proprietary to your own stores, a wine that can only be purchased there! KDM’s PL programs offer different wine varietals, different price points, imported or domestic.   We are often approached by wine buyers from large supermarket chains with retail locations all over the country.  We can help you reach the more sophisticated and price savvy wine customer in a way to offer them great selection and higher margins.  Read More Here

My company currently does business overseas in Asia and we would like to begin exporting a new product, wine, to our customers there. Can KDM Global Partners help us?

Absolutely, KDM is actively engaged in producing brands for export, both in California and in Spain. Oftentimes, these are new wine brands, tailored carefully for overseas markets, where merchandising, marketing and wine taste profiles differ markedly according to the locale.

Can a restaurant make profit off of private label wines?

Yes, KDM’s private label wine programs for restaurants enable these businesses to offer much higher quality wine than the national brands at prices less than what the customers are paying elsewhere. Plus, with your own private label wine brand, your restaurant customer will not have that “sticker shock” of knowing what the same bottle costs down the street at the wine shop! Serve  your own proprietary label wine to  customers as a way to enhance customer loyalty and differentiate yourselves from other restaurants  serving the same, “nationally known” brands.

Read more here and here.

Sounds interesting, but expensive. We are not currently a large business with unlimited financial resources.

For production out of our California winemaking facilities, we can offer relatively low case minimums for production, limiting your costs. This enables you to get started with a Web-based wine business with significantly less expenditures. And you do not need to have licenses in any state to hold or sell wine.

My business partners and I have a terrific idea for a new wine brand that could be successfully marketing and sold on the Web. Can KDM help us?

Yes, KDM Global Partners can help organize your business on two distinct fronts: (i) wine production; and (ii) Web integration for warehousing, sales/fulfillment and shipment of your wines to Web customers.   Read more here