If you are a Retailer, there are many reasons you should consider a Custom Label Wine Program for your retail establishment.

Why you should create a custom wine brand for your retail business?

  • Increased Revenue and Profitability from Wine Sales
  • Create your own private wine label – for a custom brand that will only be available at your place of business
  • Earn Higher Margins on custom brands than those earned on the ‘national brands’
  • Establish a new program of recurring – and exclusive – revenue based on your own high-quality and affordable custom label wine brand
  • Use for end-cap and promotional displays.  Merchandise your own “house brand” wine
  • Use private branded wine for multi-case events with caterers, weddings, meetings and functions
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty, Generate Repeat Business – deliver a high-quality private label wine with multiple varietals, price points and vintages
  • Create an atmosphere of “exclusitvity” with your proprietary label wine
  • Differentiate from the Competition
  • Brand your Business!

Why choose KDM Global Partners?

  • Low Case Minimums
  • Lower Initial Investment
  • Any Price Point – from inexpensive ‘value’ wines to premium estate-quality reserve
  • Available for All Varietals
  • Fulfillment/Delivery service to all 50 states and even overseas
  • Consistent quality every year
  • East Coast and West Coast Warehousing facilities
  • “Turnkey” Solution – KDM handles all aspects of the custom brand development  process and delivers your custom wine brand to the location of your choice.

Get started today by contacting KDM Global using the form below and learn how create a Custom Wine Brand for your business. You can also download our Custom Wine Program information kit if you are interested in learning more.

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Private Label Wine Programs Brochure