If you are a Restaurant, Hotel, Resort, Caterer, or any other Food and Beverage Operator, you need to consider a Custom Label Wine Program to help you increase profits and retain customers.

Why create a custom wine brand for your business?

  • Increase Profitability on Wine Sales
  • Earn Higher Margins (wines-by-the glass and bottle sales)
  • Avoid “Sticker Shock” Experience with your wine list among customers. .. in this economy, you do not want to risk price dissonance or margin transparency with coveted patrons!
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty by offering a product that is only¬†available at your place of business!
    • Increase event revenue by using your own “house wine brand” at events, weddings, meetings, or other occasions.
    • Create a sense of exclusivity with your own house wine label – with multiple varietals, multiple price points and vintages.
  • Differentiation from the Competition!

Why choose KDM Global Partners?

  • Lower Case Minimums
  • Low Upfront Investment
  • All Price Points – from ‘value’ wines to estate-quality reserve
  • All Varietals
  • Fulfillment/Delivery in all 50 states and overseas
  • Consistency of quality year after year
  • Warehousing capability / East Coast and West Coast
  • “Turnkey Solution” – KDM can handle all aspects of the process and then deliver the wine to your chosen venue.

Get started today by contacting KDM Global using the form below and learn how create a Custom Wine Brand for your business. You can also download our Custom Wine Program information kit if you are interested in learning more.

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Private Label Wine Programs Brochure