Beyond Traditional ‘Bricks-and-Mortar’ Distribution

In addition to creating private label wines for sale by KDM clients in various retail stores, restaurants, hotels and at events – with distribution through beverage alcohol’s three-tier distribution system, KDM can now facilitate a Web-based ecommerce platform for its clients, enabling Direct-to-Consumer wine shipping to your customers.

Welcome to the Future of Wine Sales & Distribution: Direct Shipping

Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment capability is a compelling branding – and revenue – opportunity that should now be a key component of every new wine brand’s go-to-market strategy. Even if the wines are also available on a retailer’s shelf or poured in a participating restaurant or hotel/resort, you should also sell wine via the Internet in your own branded web environment.

KDM Global Partners provides its clients with the wherewithal to warehouse their wines, advertise and sell Direct-to-Consumer online (within a client’s own Web catalog environment), drop ship to consumers in 40+ states and earn compelling revenue on these sales!

KDM Global Partners is not just a wine producer – it is a brand producer.

KDM is devoted solely to the ongoing success of its clients’ wine brands. KDM offers a wide assortment of varietal choices, price points, and assistance after the sale.

Web-based wine sales have grown dramatically in recent years and represents a formidable opportunity for all wine brand owners to increase exposure, sales, and profitability. The direct shipment trend will continue to grow unabated – and KDM clients’ wine brands will remain at the forefront.

KDM Global Partners Can Make This Happen for Your Wine Program

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