Custom Label Wine Brands

PRIVATE Label Wine is a wine brand that is proprietary to a particular retailer – or restaurant – or event – and may only be available for purchase at this business location.

Private label wine brands are increasingly becoming critical ways for businesses to compete and differentiate themselves from the competition – as well as earn higher margins/profit!

Each KDM wine program is custom-designed to the needs of that client. As wine producers, our attention to ongoing detail, the continuity of product quality and customer service is unparalleled.

We look forward to speaking with you and learning how we can be of assistance.

Why Private Label Wine?

Simple –

  1. Better, more effective business branding
  2. Enhanced audience engagement
  3. Higher profits on sales
  4. Cultivate ongoing customer loyalty

Why KDM Global Partners?

  • KDM produces wine in most of the world’s key viticulture regions
  • All varietals, all price points – from competitively-priced broad market selections to estate-quality niche products
  • Domestic and Imported – low case minimums
  • KDM’s process is ‘Turnkey’

KDM Global Partners offers a ‘Turnkey’ private wine label program!

In an otherwise complex business space, KDM’s custom label wine programs offer clients a ‘user friendly’ solution. 

  • Label/Packaging design
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Widespread distribution
  • Brand-building expertise

Any business can launch a custom wine program!

While KDM has assisted national clients build new, successful custom wine brands, we can accomplish the same thing for smaller businesses – like single-location restaurants, hotel/resorts, wine shops, social media influencers, and corporate meetings/events. And, because we can offer these clients relatively low case production minimums, their upfront investment is often much less than they thought!